The objective of CICODEV’s health program is to promote impoverished consumers’ access to health and quality healthcare, as a basic human right.

The Universal Health Coverage (UHC) program, a government initiative that emerged from the elections in March of 2012, was established to offer impoverished people, especially from informal and rural sectors, the possibility to benefit from health coverage. They represent 80% of the population.

CICODEV Africa launched an advocacy campaign to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the UHC, focusing on four specific objectives:

  • – UHC popularization for its appropriation by the citizens
  • – The adoption of a legal framework to secure the UHC
  • – The increase in the budget allocated to health and the UHC
  • – The allocation of a large portion of its resources to the health of mothers, children and newborns


Surveillance labs have been set up in 9 regions and 11 locations in Senegal, to ensure the effective implementation of the UHC and to promote the emergence of a strong and sustainable health system; adequately equipped and capable of responding to citizens’ needs