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Network Coordinator of Civil Society Organizations Working on Budget Transparency 

Terms of Reference for the Coordinator

A network of civil society organizations working on a budget for a coordinator who, under the authority of the Board of Directors, will be responsible for the technical, administrative, financial and network communication.

His intervention concerns the field of budget monitoring in various stages and activities.

Training and experiences

Advanced training in Public Finance, Administration / Public Management, Public Accounting, Social Sciences, (Bac +5 / Master …) Proven experience in organization management and network animation. Good knowledge of the NGO community, the media and the functioning of national and subregional public institutions (Ministries, control structures, National Assembly, UEMOA, ECOWAS, …)

Main missions  :

– Coordinate the development of the Network’s strategic plan, its implementation and monitoring and evaluation; in close collaboration with the Board of Directors and the member organizations; – Manage and develop the human, material and financial resources of the Network; – Ensure and consolidate the management of relations with the Network State Stakeholders (Board of Directors, Technical and Financial Partners).


– Coordinate the development and operational implementation of the Network’s strategic plan and communication plan (at the national, regional and international levels) in accordance with its vision, mission and values ​​in order to achieve the quantitative and targeted quality; 

– Develop and implement an aggressive fundraising strategy in close collaboration with the Board of Directors; 

– Manage the implementation and monitoring of the Network Action Plan;

– Animate the intervention teams and participate in the formulation and implementation of their activities in the field;

– Conduct actions and put in place tools useful for developing the Network’s reputation and credibility by relying on the Strategic Plan and the communication plan;

– Collect the necessary data for budget monitoring; 

– Pilot and participate in the analysis of budget monitoring data;

– Coordinate and harmonize the production and popularization of the network’s written and audiovisual productions (reports, communication media);

– Assume a role of representation of the Network in various activities in close collaboration with its Board of Directors.

– Supervise and animate (if necessary) the specific training of network members, targets and partners; 

– Ensure smooth communication with all members of the network, targets and partners, 

– Ensure the administrative and financial follow-up, the organization of the general meetings and the meetings of the Board of Directors.  

– Managing the communication of the network: website, writing of articles and newsletters, creation of posters, circulation of information, organization of conferences and seminars, holding of agendas, and animation of the network of members; 

– Ensure the collection, exploitation and return of activity data; 

– Prepare and produce narrative and financial reports of programs and projects

Skills  : 

Taste of the challenge and strong capacities of activist engagement; 

– Ability to work in project mode; 

– Good computer skills (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Sphinx, SPSS); 

– Good command of French and English; 

– Be dynamic, autonomous and able to be creative in the face of new challenges and challenges; 

– Ability to advocate at high institutional levels and with decision-makers; 

– Availability to ensure regular trips.

– Capabilities to provide solutions to the constraints and difficulties encountered.

Submission of application files

Please submit your application to cover the following address:

Deadline for submission of applications: 20 September 2018


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