80% of Senegal's population are not covered against the disease risk should they fall ill. The overall objective of this program is the access of disadvantaged consumers to health care as a human right.

The new government formed after the March 2012 elections promised the establishment of the Universal Health Coverage (UHC). CICODEV, while welcoming the initiative, said it was a citizen watch for that campaign promise for it to become effective.

With the support of its partners UN Women, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and OSIWA CICODEV Africa has launched an advocacy campaign for the effectiveness and sustainability of the UHC focused on four specific objectives:

01 Extension of the UHC to its ownership by citizens;

02 The adoption of a legal framework to secure the UHC and specifying the basket of goods and services, the care pathway, accountability modalities;

03 The gradual increase in the budget for the UHC;

04 The allocation of a large portion of its resources on diseases that primarily affect women.

Observatories have been set up in nine localities in Senegal to ensure the effectiveness of the implementation of the UHC.

This program receives technical support from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Senegal through the Support Unit for Universal Health Coverage.