At the initiative of CICODEV, a group of civil society has established the Citizen Network for Budget Transparency (RCTB) in Senegal.

The Network was born from the realization that our programs and activities would still unfulfilled if our organizations were not interested in public budgets including the generation, efficient use and control of resources to fund and ensure the effectiveness of programs government and influence for the satisfaction of basic social needs.

The RCTB thus complements, extend and strengthen specific initiatives of member organizations of the Network for monitoring and more participatory, transparent and efficient budget in Senegal; both at central and local levels; particularly as the government engages in Act III of decentralization.

The RTCB has the support of the Pole UNDP West and Central Africa and the NGO Sector of the Embassy of France.

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 The Pan African Institute for Citizenship, Consumer and Development.

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