11 June 2018

Thanks words from Oxfam Novib Featured


Dear Amadou,

I hope all is well with you and you had a safe return to Dakar. 

On behalf Oxfam Novib, I would like to express our sincere thanks for your visit to The Netherlands last week. It's been  a wonderful cooperation over the past few months and last week- on both content level as well as on a personal level. This is very special.

We had only positive reviews of the debate about the new development cooperation policy in De Balie last week. You could not have made a more eloquent and effective point about the role of civil society and the role of the private sector in development cooperation. 

The ODA session with key NGOs last Thursday left my colleagues intellectually energized! It's been a long time since we rallied around the 0.7 in such a way. We posted a film of your Facebook Q&A about the role of development cooperation and development aid online. This film was viewed by more than 1730 people- an above average score!

I am looking forward to our chat next week, and for now, thank you, Oxfam Aid Hero!

Best wishes, Daniela

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