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India is a good example for diverse community.
Vidya bhushan Rawat is an Indian writer and activist. During his stay in Dakar, participating to the Global Land Forum, he decides to share the structural challenges that the Indian agriculture faces and make a brief summary of his comparative work between South Africa and India...


May 15 2015 - Dakar

Do untouchable the pariah have right to land in India?

It’s a very important question. India has got a constitution written by an untouchable by Doctor Dimran. It is a big constitution and very progressive. But the implementations are still lagging behind. We are looking forward to make in practice sooner in all the areas of country. Everybody has right to land. There is no discriminations in the term of law. It gives right to all marginalized people. The Constitution of India is federal in nature but unitary in spirit.

With more than one billion of people, how do you succeed in fulfilling your food need?

See seventy per cent of people are still surviving by agriculture. It‘s not a country it is a continent. It is a good example for diverse community. People in the village are still hanging on traditional mechanism. But There is a new kind of techniques with agriculture with the modernity. So there is a lot of progress in modern agriculture. However many agriculture are committing suicide. Because, they are dependent on the rains. The authorities have not developed yet new systems of technology to manage agriculture. And oftener crops are not good due to the lack of rains. Another reason is the locusts they hinder farmers to achieve good crops. This is a scourge that most of the people are still coping up with.

As an expert you are making a comparative study between the countries of South Africa and of Asia, can you sum up the difference and resemblance of these communities?

I want to you to understand what happen to the indigenous people in South Africa (apartheid system) and in India. Both of these countries got political representation. They both work in the government (power structure). But this case is scarce in America where we find a little bit of black men in the congress. If Africa want to build a strong democracy it’s important to promote the indigenous people in all structure of the government.