This program is aimed at achieving food and nutrition security through regular access to urban consumers, suburban and rural to first commodities sustainably.

It consists of several projects:     

- Market regulation for the availability of essential commodities in quantity and quality, the effectiveness of competition for fair prices and transparent distribution.

- Security of tenure for access of producers (65% of the workforce) in the first factor of production is the earth. CICODEV studies show that in the space of 10 years (2000-2010), at least 657.753 hectares of land were awarded to 17 companies in Senegal. This represents 16.45% of the arable land in the country. These transactions are often made in less than transparent conditions to the detriment of small rural producers.

- Promoting local consumption. Senegal imports annually more than 425 billion CFA francs consumption of food made of wheat, rice, flour, milk and pasta (Minister of Commerce, Senegal. 2012).

This project aims to reverse the extroverted choices and consumption patterns by removing barriers to the processing and distribution of local products.

- Agroecology: This project aims to promote and disseminate good agroecological practices for sustainable agriculture and sustainable management of natural resources (land, water, seeds).

- Improving the nutritional quality of the diet of poor households by promoting urban agriculture on tables for women and disadvantaged urban and peri-urban households.

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