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Who We Are

CICODEV Africa is the Pan African Institute for research, training and action for Citizenship, Consumer and Development in Africa.

CICODEV-Africa is an international non-profit Senegalese law, recognized by Order No. 000697 / MINT.CL / DAGAT / DEL / AS of 09.02.2007.

The association aims to:

  1. to promote the emergence of a citizen-consumer movement aware of the impact of their consumption choices on trade, environment and development;
  2. promote citizen choice and consumption patterns carriers suitable for development and the fight against poverty;

  3. promote the rights and duties of citizens and consumers with a special emphasis on promoting the consumption of the poorest citizens.

 In order to achieve its objectives by all legal and appropriate means CICODEV-Africa will include:

  •     undertake studies and research on topics and issues related to its object;
  •     perform comparative tests of products and services;
  •     conduct education, information, training, communication;
  •     engage, support and facilitate dialogue with the public, private sectors and civil society on the use and development policies;
  •     conduct lobbying, advocacy and campaigns.
  •     support capacity building of partners in research techniques, policy analysis, negotiation and relationship media for their involvement in the formulation of policies for social and economic development, and conduct advocacy and credible and effective campaigns
  •      encourage and promote the exchange of experiences and coordination of activities between members and / or partners including workshops, training sessions, seminars, conferences, study tours, to information exchange
  •     achieve, alone or with partner organizations and pilot development projects with groups and grassroots
  •    make representation to national decision-making bodies, regional or international
  •     conduct any other lawful activity can contribute to achieving these objectives
  •     create sections in one country to achieve these